Most Appropriate emini for Beginners

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by burlap, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. burlap


    As a beginner which emini should a beginner use first for simmulation then for real. Thanks,Lloyd
  2. jbob


    The ES is definitely the best to lose some money on when you're just starting out
  3. burlap


    Thanks,what would you suggest a beginner use?
  4. The NQ isn't too bad. At $5 a tick you can't do to much damage. You signed up years ago so you should know the deal. First you lose, then you B/E, then you make a little money and so on.

    This may sound a little strange but consider it. You can open an account with Oanda forex, trade gold and control the pip size. It's been a a tear of a trend so buy on a pullback. Or just trade 1 contract at $10 a tick on Comex/Nymex.

    The eminis are harder to trade because they don't trend as well/clean. Why because they are used for hedging and so many programs trade them.
  5. iuykcif


    Depending on the strategy employed, that is not necessarily an adverse circumstance.

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    Off topic, I was checking out your website, may I ask what you are using to draw your graphs in your .NET GUI?
  7. iuykcif


    Sure. It's plain and simple GDI+

    Here is a nice faq on the topic:

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  8. i scratch my head every time i see a thread like this>

    but i also recommend the oanda platform for spot gold. 34 cent spread

    straightforward for a noob
  9. Use the 6E as simulator, then trade with the Micro and if you're making money step up to the Mini (E7) and then to the 6E, again.
  10. burlap


    Thanks for your help- from both of you. I can see starting with the 6E-but gold seems intimidating for someone just starting. Is the euro and /or spot gold better places to start than an emini? Thanks again
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