Most Annoying Weasel on CNBC

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Chartiste, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. This post is NOT for those who criticizie/flame/deride anyone that has CNBC on in the background. Please ignore.

    For those of us who keep CNBC on for the occasional breaking news story that yields nice proifts. WHAT IS THE DEAL with this Dennis Neil guy. Every time he opens his mouth, he begs to have his lights punched out. Despite being "managing editor of Forbes", he rarely contributes anything incisive, interesting or humorous. He whines while often making reference to what a pathetic geek he was in high school. To me, he is still a pathetic geek that makes CNBC more unbearable than ever.

    Anyone for a write-in/call-in campaign to CNBC to get him off the air.?
  2. you just can't imagine how i hate that motherfucker arrrrrr....................
  3. You are correct. Don't you want to smack him?:p
  4. dsq


    his glass half full outlook was turned upside down a while back yet he still persists.He's pissing in the wind and refuses to beleive fact.Why he is allowed to give his opinion is anyone s guess.But look at the platform they give cramer?

    Bloomberg is better however they changed their info display and their ticker and it is awful so i had to switch back to cnbc.Turn down the vol or mute it.
  5. The guy actually raises my blood pressure. I borrowed a monitor and watched it spike as he came on earlier. Even a stressful trade doesn't cause it to spike like that.

    I am starting to phone in CNBC today, with my various numbers, to get him out of there. Anyone want to help, the number is:

  6. Wait is that the guy with the glasses and geeky looking and always bullish like most of the people on there?

    Yes, I said the same thing to punch him in the face. I'd like to see the chards of glass puncture is eyeball. And that whiny voice....irritating

    I live not far from CNBC studios. I would like to wait for him in the parking lot wearing a bear costume and maul
  7. S2007S


    he used to be on fox, saturday mornings, somehow cnbc signed him up and now you see him all over cnbc, he is annoying and extremely bullish. He was debating with some guy about a week or 2 ago, wish I could find the segment, guy was saying how it was with the slowing economy, chance of recession and dennis was just going at him....
  8. My vote goes to Charlie Gasparino.

    He manages to constantly cut off while other people are talking and always says, "hey listen!" every 10 seconds.

    That dude, does he even take a shower?

  9. dsq


    i second the punch in the face to the geek:D

    i like charlie gasparino-although rude,he doesnt let bs fly...his takedown of theat sec guy last week was frikkin great...he kept slammin the guy to his face and called him out on every bs line the guy was spewing.
  10. So we gave up Liz Claman and Eric Bolling for this rodent. Talk about a pathetic trade. Good thing GE/NBC doesn't own any athletic teams.
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