Most Americans Say They're Worse Off Since Obama Took Office, Poll Shows

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  1. "The negative sentiment may cast a pall over the holiday shopping season, according to the poll. A plurality of those surveyed -- 46 percent -- expects to spend less this year than last"

    "The pessimism cuts across political parties and age groups, and is common to both sexes."

    BIG SIS at Walmart is not going to help...........
  2. Unemployment Is Top Issue

    "Unemployment and jobs are the most important issue facing the country now, the poll finds. Fifty percent of those surveyed identified joblessness as their top concern, twice the number who chose the federal budget deficit and government spending."

    Stock Market Gains

    The stock market has performed much better. The Standard and Poor’s 500 Index has risen more than 50 percent since Obama was sworn in Jan. 20, 2009.

    “After looking at all the politicians and all the policies, they’re not geared toward Americans. They’re geared toward the corporations,” says Ken Cmar, a 45-year-old poll respondent residing in Crystal River, Florida.

    "Selected" minion obama = GLOBALIST corprotocracy continued!
  3. nLepwa


    Americans, like most people (and yourself it seems) have no understanding of basic statistics concepts.

    There's confusion between correlation and causality here.

  4. clacy


    Most Americans, at least the ones that aren't deadbeats, are smart enough to know that Obamanomics doesn't work.

    It's easy to see that it's "amateur hour" in the White House.

    While the economy is on life support, he's too busy passing job-killing entitlement programs, while at the same time assembling a debt commission.

    If it wasn't true, it would be hilarious.
  5. olias


    Bill Walsh took over the 49er's in 1979 and went 2-14. I guess he sucks as a coach....

    went 6-10 the next year....still sucks I guess.

    what's harder to turn around, a football team or the United States of America?

    A poll like that is meaningless to me
  6. clacy


    Please tell me specifically what Obama has done to create jobs...

    I have seen him bailout union after union and spend a lot of borrowed money on "green jobs" and other pork barrel projects.

    I have seen him increase our debt to a breaking point, all the while adding another massive entitlement program that will start piling on even more debt in 2014.

    I haven't seen much that would make me want to hire or expand as a business owner.
  7. clacy


    Also, at least Bill Walsh's trend line was improving, having won 4 more games in his 2nd season than his first. The trend line for jobs is flat and starting to look even worse.

    The trend line for debt is skyrocketing....
  8. olias


    Creating more jobs was what the stimulus and QE were mostly about. We can argue about the effectiveness, and that's fair, but you gotta come with better alternatives. My thinking is that government spending was the answer during the Great Depression, so I think it makes sense to go that route again. Although in general I'm against big government. I just think it makes sense given the state of our economy. Everyone knows more debt is not good. But you're between a rock and a hard place. You can't attack him without having an alternative.
  9. olias


    what's the trend line on jobs?

    Also, Bill Walsh had Joe Montana. Obama has Nancy Pelosi! :D
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