Most Americans say tax the rich to balance budget

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    Most Americans say tax rich to balance budget

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Most Americans think the United States should raise taxes for the rich to balance the budget, according to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll released on Monday.

    President Barack Obama last month signed into law a two-year extension of Bush-era tax cuts for millions of Americans, including the wealthiest, in a compromise with Republicans.

    Republicans, who this week take control of the House of Representatives, want to extend all Bush-era tax cuts "permanently" for the middle class and wealthier Americans. They are also demanding spending cuts to curb the $1.3 trillion deficit.

    Sixty-one percent of Americans polled would rather see taxes for the wealthy increased as a first step to tackling the deficit, the poll showed.

    The next most popular way -- chosen by 20 percent -- was to cut defense spending.

    Four percent would cut the Medicare government health insurance program for the elderly, and 3 percent would cut the Social Security retirement program, the poll showed.

    Asked which part of the world they would fix first, the largest proportion of respondents -- 36 percent -- chose Washington, compared with 23 percent who picked the Middle East and 14 percent who chose Haiti.

    The poll included a random sample of 1,067 adults across the United States from November 29 to December 2. The margin of error may be plus or minus 3 percentage points, 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair said.

    (Reporting by Kristina Cooke; Editing by Daniel Trotta and Peter Cooney)
  2. This is great for Obama in 2012.Obama and democrats will run on letting the tax cuts for the rich expire,and the republican nominee and republicans running for senate seats will run on letting the tax cuts for the rich remain.

    Poll after poll have showed the majority wants the tax cuts for the rich to expire.Its great for the dems to run on such a popular position and have this fight at election time :D
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    Nice to see that after supposedly being disenfranchised by Obama a couple weeks ago, you are back to having his testicles firmly planted in the back of your throat.

    I have said this before and ill say it again i will gladly take the extra 5% hit on my taxes if three conditions were followed.

    A) The budget would be balanced due to my taxes being raised 5% meaning they still have to come up with over a trillion in spending cuts.

    B) Government is never allowed to run budget deficits again EVER.

    C) Government is not allowed to raise my income taxes again, EVER. If they want to bring in all of these new shit progressive programs, then they can figure out a way of paying for it by cutting spending somewhere else, or saving up for it like every other human being on planet earth has to.

    If the government ever started operating in a manner whereby they grew at the same pace as the private sector, as opposed to being a gigantic money pit in which no amount of money will ever suffice, i would gladly chip in more of my income to get us there.
  4. Meanwhile the US sails swiftly towards total financial destruction.
  5. I conducted a random poll of 1.067 adults who made 50k a year.

    I asked them if they went to lunch with a friend who made a 1 million a year, should the wealthier friend pay for lunch. Everyone said "Yes" because they can afford it.

    Stay tuned....
  6. Most people said: "Raise other people's taxes, but don't raise mine." I'm shocked! I never would have predicted that.

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    These are truth: 1)The budget will never be balanced 2)The Public Sector will never have enough money..

    We had the Graham Rudmann Act in the Reagan Era and Democrats took it to the Supreme Court and got it tossed out. They don't want a balanced budget, it's established fact.

    The Public Sector has fully half the GNP of the nation going through it's sticky little fingers and it does not have enough money to meet current obligations. The money to meet future obligations simply will never be there to the tune of somewhere between $60 Trillion and $200 Trillion depending on which expert you ask...

    That is how "progressives" have played the game, simply bury the US in debt and use the money to keep themselves in power. Conservatives are continually on the ropes and trying to preserve their families' wealth from the Tax Man... how this has played out in other parts of the world is that the eventual scenario is that of just two classes, rich and poor and nobody in the middle...
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    How true.
  9. Russia to Lay Off 200,000 Federal Employees,
    Cuba to Lay Off 1,000,000 Federal Employees,

    Obama Hires 25,000 More Federal Employees
  10. I think we tried that back in the 30's, laying off gov't employees, this didn't work. Evenetually everyone hired back to work by the Fed, CCC etc. The poison is the cure.

    Of course this brings us to round 2, state budget cuts coming up this year with layoffs. This shit feeds on itself.
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