Most Americans Favor Keeping All the Bush Tax Cuts for Now

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  1. Most Americans would go along with temporarily extending the Bush tax cuts for all taxpayers, including the wealthy, until the economy recovers, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey has found.
    how do you think about this ?
  2. pspr


    I think most Americans favor doing the exact opposite of everything the Obama administration has done to date. Keeping the Bush tax cuts included.

    I agree.
  3. I think you didn't provide a reference.:confused:
  4. I will be surprised if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to remain. I'll also be surprised if there is no super lame duck session passing all kinds of harmful and crappy bills should the Dems lose the House.

    Obama cares about HIS AGENDA... regardless of however much damage it does to people or the country... nothing else. (Well, except for living large on the public's dime, of course.)

    When the history of this time is written, I suspect it will include a statement something like, "Those greedy dumbass bastards who believed Obama's campaign lies and voted for themselves to get "free ice cream" from the government... they really F**ED UP!"
  5. jd7419


    The destruction of the democrats is going to be historic in november. Does anybody really believe that the marginal voters who came out for their first vote for obama are coming out in novemebr?
  6. Obama hasn't come up to my expectations by a long shot, but who have the republicans got who can beat him? Name one who isn't corrupt.
  7. pspr


    Polls I've seen so far show just about anyone can beat Obama. We'll need to see what happens to the economy over the next two years before any judgement can be made. I suspect Obama will fight for his agenda regardless of how the fall elections go and we'll have economic problems for at least the next year because of what has already been passed in Congress.

    The healthcare law is going to be the gift that keeps on giving for the Republicans. It is just awful and a lot of bad things will come out of this law over the next two years while benefits don't really kick in until 2014.
  8. clacy


    Unless Obama pivots hard to the right after the midterms, he's probably not going to get a 2nd term, IMO.

    People will not be too happy in a couple years, after their insurance premiums keep skyrocketing (faster now then even before), unemployment is near 10%, etc
  9. ANYBODY could beat Obama.... as the country has come to their senses and realize how bad he is. It won't be about "finding somebody better" as much as "getting him OUT before he does even more damage".

    Our economic ills will last much longer than "two years"... regardless of whether the Repubs win both houses. Obama will veto EVERYTHING the Repubs pass... and there won't be a big enough majority to override the veto. Then in the 2012 elections, Obama will chime... "See, the Repubs controlled both houses and NOTHING got done"... (He won't mention that he voted everything.)

    Hopefully enough Americans tune into Fox News, Beck, Hannity, Cavuto, Napolitano, Asman* to get the truth.. 'cause we surely ain't going to get it from the Lame Street Media.

    :( :(

    *I would have included O'Reilly, but he's gone soft on Obama.. in spite of what he claims. I hope it's because Fox News Channel has told O'Reilly to "tone it down" due to his popularity.
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    The people who will be hurt the most (but unlikely do not know they will be hurt) if the Democrat-controlled Congress allows the Bush tax cuts to expire will be the working poor. The Bush tax cuts lowered the lowest tax bracket from 15% to 10% and raised the bottom of that bracket. That means that the working poor will see their taxes increase by at least 50%. Some people who pay no taxes, that is, those who make more than the old bottom of the lowest bracket and the current bottom of the lowest tax bracket will be shocked that they will go from paying $0.00 on their earnings over the old bottom of the old bracket to paying 15.00% on that amount.
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