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Discussion in 'Options' started by TM1982, May 4, 2009.

  1. TM1982


    Outside of the US, what are the most active option markets? Thinking about dabbling with some foreign option exposure.
  2. Euronext Amsterdam and Eurex.
  3. TM1982


    Do you know any online brokerages that offer the ability to trade options on those exchanges?
  4. If you include index options, Kospi200 is by far the the most active issue, and it is available through IB.
  5. Kospi200 index options are not available to US accounts.
  6. I looked into this too, and as far as I could tell the only index or index futures options available that us legal residents are allowed to trade are n225 options on the Singapore exchange. If somebody knows differently please let us know.
  7. rluser


    There are others: MSCI Taiwan in Singapore, for example. Thinly traded, unlike OPs request.
  8. TM1982


    Looks like Interactive Brokers offers equity option trading on international exchanges.

    Does anyone do that with IB? If you want to trade on the DAX, do they convert your USD balance into Marks?
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    Wake up mate! It's 2009 the Marks are long gone, Germany is on Euro now!
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