Most Active and Most Valuable 9-15

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TriPack, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. Vote for the most active poster who you feel has made the most valuable contributions to ET. Polls only allow for 10 selections so this list is Most Active 9-15.
  2. rs7 -seems OK but lies about his military experience (which is it seal or airborne ranger -i cant remember)
    darkhorse -can't understand a word he says so ...
    daniel_m -smart and he's an atheist ..i like that(of course the two go hand in hand):)
    Magna -anally fixated that's why he's a mod:D
    Babak -see right above
    candletrader -a gay USA basher -NO WAY
    Seanote -has been taking a bath as of recent ,i have to say no

    and the big WEINER is....dan_M!!

    c'mon up dan and get your prize (psst what is it that the big weiner gets??:confused: )
  3. balda


    I am an atheist and I am smart but I still can't trade:confused:
  4. rs7 - past his heyday, but he once packed a punch.

    darkhorse - occasional spurts of insight, interspersed with longwinded, misguided and just plain wrong ramblings

    daniel_m - talks a lot of shit, but he's good for a laugh and he keeps it real

    Magna - colonel magna? past his prime

    Babak - makes a lot of good points

    candletrader - ditto

    Seanote - never read his journals. no opinion.

    just a bunch of commentators here people. look elsewhere for value.
  5. **** Strong Buy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ November 27

    Daniel_M, investment analyst at Daniel_M Securities, a subsidiary of Daniel_M Corporation, issued an upgrade on Daniel_M Corporation from "Buy" to "Strong Buy", citing past performance and with forward-looking statements on the 2nd Quarter.

    Included in the memo were positive remarks about Daniel_M, the CEO of Daniel_M Corporation.
    The analyst commented that CEO Daniel_M "keeps it real".

    Shares of Daniel_M Corp. jumped 100% to .02, in light trading.
  6. stu


    goooooo daniel_m ….no contest

    gets straight past the trumpery and hyperbole....... cuts to the chase. His post here confirms the point
    Unfortunately his last line is on the button. Bunch of amateur debaters and logomachists, who can't even determine the definition of something as simple as zero sum without getting in a mess.

    dan is the man

    2nd ….rs7. close. But I agree and I think he may have peaked . Puts his mind to it though and a comeback would definitely be on the cards and very welcome that would be.

    3rd. darkhorse… destroyed himself badly in the religion discussion, but is capable of the (very)occasional and elegantly expressed insight

    4th. Babak…. Don’t know, but a vote for a moderator can’t harm :D

    Joint 5th… not much knowledge of these contributors.

    on second thought I think candletrader may have agreed with something I said once so he would be a good No 1 :D

    third thought, darkhorse 4th. Babak third would be better tacticts
  7. stu


    14k plus Board Members and only 21 votes total. Only 0015% of ET's population bothered to cast their ballot. Yet again the 15th & 19th amendments are made irrelevant. You'd get more reaction from a farm load of turkeys asked to vote in favor of Thanksgiving. Looks like another Florida set up as candletrader draws even from nowhere. (Glad I covered myself ).