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  1. I am looking to move to Moscow, Russia from New York. Does anyone know of any US firms with offices there hiring IT people?
    I also want to know if any one is trading from Moscow, Russia. How is internet situation there, how much it costs. I want to work and supplement my salary by trading. I understand that my salary may not be comparable there with what they pay here in US.
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    >>I understand that my salary may not be comparable there with what they pay here in US.<<

    Moscow is the 2nd most expensive city worlwide and most expensive in Europe.
    This is, assuming someone wants to keep a western lifestyle.
    If someone wants to live like a Russian, he can do ok with 200$ a month.

    Basically, if you go there without a job, you will be hired with not much premium compared to local wages.
    Best way is to get a position with a US company, and then move there as an expat, which allows to keep the same salary.

    Internet is ok, but the reliability is still not great.

  3. well it will be almost impossible to live on 200 a month, as your apartment might cost 300-400 for a shitty samll place in the suburbs, don't forget, rent for russians is subsidized by the government for most, foreginers full full market value, if your looking at the center,expect rent to start a 1000US for a dump and up
  4. The Russians must have seen that you are a foreigner with lots of cash and shook you out hard. You dont even pay this much in US.
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    Once again someone asks for an advice, and than insults the person who is trying to help him.

    My close friend lives in Moscow, and I can assure you it's one of the most expensive cities in the world.

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    talking about weird nations and bad food

    people are eating bugs and marrying strangers for money on TV.:D

    guessed who?:p
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    wrong guess
  8. Lets not let this thread get out of hand and become an insult fest between countries. If you can't answer the thread starters questions then please refrain from making comments. If you wish to start a thread on Russian/US manners, food, smells, etc..., then open a thread in Chit Chat.
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    Uhhh.....I can understand why one might want to leave New York. But, leaving New York to go to Moscow,
    Russia:confused: :confused: :confused: I must be confused:confused:

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    Top three reasons :

    Most beautifull girls in the world
    Low cost of life(except inside Moscow/SPB)
    Huge potential in any investment related activity

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