Moscow museum to exhibit Mohammed cartoons

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  1. We just need China to print them and the muslim world will have a contract out on the entire planet.

    MOSCOW, Feb. 7 (UPI) -- A Moscow museum has announced it will exhibit the entire series of cartoons of Mohammed that have caused riots throughout the Islamic world.

    Yury Samodurov, director of the Sakharov Museum and Public Center, said on Russian television that the center was ready to organize a public exhibition of the cartoons satirizing the founder of Islam that originally were published in a Danish newspaper, reported Monday.

    "We must show the whole world that Russia goes along with Europe, that the freedom of expression is much more important for us than the dogmas of religious fanatics," Samodurov said.

    The exhibition reportedly will open in March. Lawyer Yury Shmidt has said he will invite French philosopher Andre Glucksmann and French novelist Michel Houellebecq to the opening ceremony to read lectures about the threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

    In 2003 the Sakharov Museum outraged many Russian Orthodox believers with the art exhibit "Be Careful -- Religion," which many felt was insulting to their beliefs.
  2. Uh oh! Russians - you better hide your children from the brave freedom fighters of the religion of peace. Remember how they stormed that school in Belsan . . .
  3. That's not even funny, Nick. :mad:

    Sput, post the link, eh?
  4. No, its not funny at all, I didn't mean it to be, my sincere apologies.
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    anyone got a link to the cartoons - i just wanna see what all the fuss is about.

    i know that allah is supposed to be shown with a bomb for a turban but thats it.

    ive googled but no joy.

    heres one that will make you yanks chuckle -

    in london, the muzzies had a demo outside the danish embassy. the pigs (ie the police) didnt arrest ANY of them, despite our new race hate/religious hate laws that have been introduced - the muzzies were holding banners with anti west, pro 9-11 slogans. one of them even turned up dressed as a suicide bomber! nice guy eh!!

    anyway, all over the tabloids today - the dude dressed as a suicide bomber was a convicted crack & heroin dealer on parole!! hahahahah!! BACK TO JAIL DUDE!!!!

    wot made me mad though was that the pigs didnt arrest a single muzzie despite their anti west, terrorist support, but they did arrest two people demonstrating on the same street for the right of freedom of speech!!

    the uk pigs eh - another bunch of fuckin wasters.
  6. Looks like this guy needs to stock up on Russian Flags now. He seems to have found himself a 'growth business' by keeping his shelves stocked (resulting in profits pouring into his register). Funny how he buys some of his Israeli Flags from an Israeli Manufacturer.

    - Spydertrader
  7. Fred,

    I posted my favorite of the danish cartoons in another thread here but the moderator thought it was too much trouble and pulled it.

    As far as the Denmark embassy protest, I wouldn't have been suprised to hear that Jack Straw was there in person falling all over himself to apologize to the "muzzies", ready to lick each and everyone of their hinds.
  8. Fred, where did you learn to speak English - wasters? LOL.....
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    wow!! 2 replies, and i thought everyone had me on ignore


    nick - damn right. i hear mugabee (zimbabwee dude) is already grabbing his ankles waiting for straws next chance meeting.

    haroki - i learned to speak english by the queen of england - in the uk. but she dont talk proper like wot i do.
  10. Gotta love the Cockney accent.
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