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  1. just got invited to the russian finance and trading expo as an exhibitor. think there will be any potential hedge fund partners there ??


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    for partners to run hedge fund or to be clients of your fund?
    In any case we're here in Moscow and if you want to talk about a potential partnership or need to get more info on russia trading/investment situation drop us email

    Best of luck
  3. bring a bodyguard.
  4. Bring lots of bodyguars.

    As a Russian myself I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that the only partners you will find there will ask you to invest in them while they provide the "expertise" (that is Russian idea of making money), or they will try to borrow money from you, or worse they will clean you to the skin.
    It amazes me that while Russian native capital is fleeing abroad, some foreign investors are naive enough to put their money in Russsia. Do you think Russians would be keeping their money abroad if it made business sense and was safe to keep them inside their country?

  5. wow ! thanks for the warning, i think i will decline the offer.
  6. I'd bet you'd find a shit load of money wanting to invest. Most of it however would be 'deposited' via the old suitcase method.
  7. Exactly.

    To further understand Russian business environment: 1) if one made a good deal of money in Russia, he probably knows what he is doing and does not need to give it to some one else to manage it. Would Cosa Nostra need some one the manage their money? :)
    2) Most of the money in Russia is not made through financial investement practices like in the west, but rather through stealing something and then selling it, through defrauding investors, or at best through having bribed some governemnt official to get access to some physical resources (oil, nickel), property (tanks, airplanes) etc; or through diverting government budget money into private pockets (recently a governor of one of Russia's regions pocketed 83 billion rubles, about $3 billion out of the regional budget - and he has NOT been convicted).
    3) Russia is an oil economy, and today it is only doing well because oil is at $32.

    I'd rather invest in comunist China, then in "Capitalist" Russia.
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    Anyone knows when and where this EXPO takes place?
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    Are you in Russia now?
    You're absolutely right that Russia is a corrupted third world country that derives all its revenues from the oil sales. But why cant someone run a hedge fund there? The point is that in case of the bad performance you need to be protected from your investors is correct. If you lose somebody else's money they are not gonna like you much in any country.
    But if you're a bad trader why would you want to trade someone else's money to begin with? Only because you get a free ride? If it works out you split the profits... if it don't you tell your investor to eat it and go on.
    If a trader has a proven track record and working system with a good money management I don't see why cant he/she go out and work in a country that in demand of investment specialists and conduct your with absolutely no competition as of now.
    Been doing it since 1999.