Mos up huge I am right again

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  1. I've been telling you people to buy MOS and other potash companies for quite awhile.

    I looks like I am right again..long MOS and Visa.

    MOS hits 52 week high while broad market is stuck in trading range.

    Making tons of $$ without placing any trades

    I know how stocks work. I am the expert stock picker.
  2. Im amazed by these stocks. I cant believe they have stayed this hot for this long.
  3. i want to kill you.
  4. Hope you're taking profits here at $142, b/c its got a good chance to give up some gains by EOD, and fall into a DT only to plunge.
  5. He makes a ton of calls and then only points out those that were right.

    Kinda like Cramer.
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    They have Wall Street's Cramer, and proudly we also have ET's Cramer. :D

  8. He'll either respond by telling you that his picks are doing great - and the ones that are down will come back, you'll see...

    or he'll ignore your post.
  9. I only own 2 stocks..MOS and V and both are doing great
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    Repost from other thread:

    Those AG stocks will fall just like the rest of those stocks that everyone thinks only go one way, UP.

    When GOOG was 700 everyone thought it was going to $1000, what happened, stock fell over 45%, CME is another high flying stock that has recently dropped off a cliff, every stock will shine and every stock will fall, just like these AG stocks, they will fall very hard just like every stock that becomes the darling of wallstreet.
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