MOS Swing Long Trade on Large Players Volume

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Stock Trader Lance J, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. MOS looks like a good swing long trade on rising large players volume so I took an entry today.


    The chart is in a continuation pattern as seen by the green trend line. The large players volume has been rising as big players are buying a perceived bottom. The Twiggs Money Flow confirms the stock is under accumulation.

    I favor this trade, like most, as a short-term swing long only because I'm a chicken. I'm terrified of staying in most every trade for too long a period. This company is no different as all fertilizer companies have been hammered over the last few years with the falling price of phosphate. Still, the talk among traders is that this stock is a long-term turnaround candidate. I don't have an opinion on that other than to pass that news along. I'm chicken trader so in and out as quickly as possible and then back to the sidelines and the safety of cash is what I'm going for here.