MOS -POT-MON-TNH--new highs

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Warrior4g, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. MOS just announced a great quarter and could break 55 today. anyone looking at it or the other's in the sector?
  2. MOS on a tear. just broke 55.
  3. subban


    I used to work for this company. CSX is like their number one vendor for transport of phsophate, sulphur, etc from their mines. CSX has earnings next wednesday. I already have a large position on CSX. If Mosaic had a record quarter for first quarter 2008, I am expecting to CSX to beat earnings estimates by analyts.
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    thanks for the heads up, do you know what % of CSX business MOS was? Was CSX the only transport for MOS or were the other shippers?
  5. subban


    No there were a few railcar vendors. The ones that come to the top of my head are Candian Pacific Railway, BSF I know are in dallas but I forget the full name for this acroynym, and a couple of other transports through barge. I have to say railcar was a pretty big chunk of their business. I would CSX was a major vendor, like maybe at least 30-40% of their business. It was funny when I worked at mosaic this vendor CSX ordered Mosaic how they wanted their remittances to come back to them and look. And people at Mosaic would bend back to be complacent to them. I always wondered why they were so nice when Mosaic was paying their invoices.