MOS - Earnings play

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  1. MON just beat but lowered their free cash flow expectation. This is after raising expectations on March 25th.

    MOS has not raised their expectations. I expect them to beat the street by a good amount. Short term price target after earnings = $115.
  2. Nice move today!
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    We'll see if there's any continuation with it after today, MOS is the most over-valued of the fertilizers.
  4. MON is the highest valued based on PE to EPS
    MOS is in the middle based on PE to EPS
    POT is the least based on PE to EPS

    Your point? The entire industry is BOOMING!

    After earnings my entire MOS position will be moved to POT.
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    You're holding long heading into earnings? I'm holding some short, we'll see what happens.
  6. You are short :eek:

    Good luck to you. MON beat and MOS will beat.

    I expect MOS at $115 tomorrow.
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    I'm short against AGU and TRA Long, what happened when MON beat? It sold off.
  8. Everyone knew MON was going to beat. They raised guidance on March 25th. Investors did not like their free cash flow expected decline and over reacted.
  9. Numbers destroyed as expected
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    I didn't say they get destroyed i was just looking at the previous earnings, i trade about 7 fertilizer pairs and they've been very profitable overall this year. You should be happy you got your target, right?
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