Mortgage Insurers?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bryan Roberts, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. Bryan Roberts

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    seems to be getting beat up today.....anyone have a link to the story behind this?
  2. got some symbols?
  3. Htrader

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    MTG warned.
  4. Short NCEN it's not down much yet -.95 and they have the biggest exposure to the subprime loans of the entire hasn't figured it out yet or little NCEN is up 300% for the year and the funds don't want to toss out one there beloved winners. Probably sells off in the afternoon.

  5. Bryan Roberts

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    thanks Htrader and Avalanche.... i hope someone is making some money in that sector because i know i'm not. :(
  6. I don't know any of those stocks and never traded them.
    Just heard the other day that:
    foreclosure is up, payment behind scheduled is up.
    heaviest indider selling in homebuilders.
  7. They must be making a boatload of money because half the ads on the radio these days here are some guy screaming at the top of his lungs, "REFINANCE NOW, CLOSING COSTS ARE FOR SUCKERS, COME ON FOLKS IT IS THE BIGGEST NO BRAINER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. REDUCE YOUR PAYMENTS, PAY OFF HIGH INTEREST DEBT, TAKE OUT EQUITY, GO ON VACATION, ETC."

    Hell after hearing that I want to refi too.

    Someone got a house I can have. I'll refi that mother$#@er for you. :p

    Defaults loom.
  8. Check out MTG today.... OUCH!!!!!!! -5.00
  9. Good call man! :D