Morris Dees and the SPLC: Agents of Big Jewry

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  1. Morris Dees and the SPLC: Agents of Big Jewry
    By Patrick Grimm

    What is Big Jewry? It is the interconnected network of Jewish organizations, think tanks, lobbyists, supposed “civil rights groups”, charities, media outlets, particular newspapers such as the New York Times and their partners and brothers-in-arms in the bloated federal bureaucracy. Big Jewry may not be monolithic on every issue of public moment, but they generally take pro-Zionist, pro-Israel, pro-illegal immigration, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-”free trade”, pro-affirmative action positions. They are quite anti-Christian, anti-church, anti-free speech, anti-Gentilist and when it comes right down to it, anti-American. They are pro-Jewish and not much of anything else matters to them. The Tribe comes first and foremost. The rest of their stances naturally follow from this vantage point. They will fund and further the causes that weaken us, and what weakens us puts them squarely in the engineer’s seat of the American cultural train wreck.

    I am going to pass over some of the more obvious Jewish groups I have cited before and discuss one particular organization that is run by a gang of peverts, degenerates and hucksters. I am going to call them out for the filthy anti-American thugs that they truly are. I refer of course to a group with the misnomer The Southern Poverty Law Center. It is ironic that a political propaganda mill with this name has spent years raking in tens of millions of dollars promoting illegal immigration, anti-white racism, homosexuality, the de-Christianization of the US and every other sick far-left cause that is ripping America apart at the Constitutional seams. This “poverty” group has nothing to do with assisting or empowering the poor and downtrodden and everything to do with lining the pockets of elitist Jews and tossing some of the profits back into the coffers of Big Jewry.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center

    The SPLC is ostensibly a political group fighting for equal rights, particularly for minorities, but a closer inspection of this oft-cited leftist rat’s nest reveals a darker agenda. The SPLC is, more than everything else it might be, an anti-white and anti-freedom law firm. It was founded by two Jews, Morris Dees and Joseph J. Levin, Jr. We can now turn to Wikipedia for a description, albeit a slanted and deceptive one, of the SPLC. Wikipedia states warmly and probably with a Jewish smirk: “The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an American non-profit legal organization, whose stated purpose is to combat racism and promote civil rights through research, education and litigation.” [1] Well, how wonderful!

    With wailing whines about the supposed threat of a “growing” Ku Klux Klan and white power groups who are, in the eyes of SPLC, on the rise, this center uses fearmongering and scapegoating as a fundraising drive for their self-serving racket. But you have to hand it to Dees and Levin. Their scare tactics and alarmist website and mailings have kept the leftists hopping. They have also kept these same leftists writing and mailing big checks to the SPLC. In a 2000 issue of Harper’s Magazine, Ken Silverstein wrote in an article entitled appropriately “The Church of Morris Dees” that “Morris Dees doesn’t need your ‘financial support’ because “the SPLC is already the wealthiest ‘civil rights’ group in America.” [2] Just how rich are Dees and his fellow shyster-in-crime, Joe Levin? Silverstein estimates that the Southern Poverty Law Center has a war chest totaling over $120 million, with the center ostentatiously spending over $5.76 million on fundraising alone. I guess “poverty” pays, doesn’t it?


    Who Is Morris Dees?
    Let’s be clear on this. Morris Dees is a Jewish radical leftist pervert, degenerate, sexual deviant and a proud and flagrant adulterer to boot. Dees is also an alleged child molester. Strong words, I know, but the evidence bears them out.


    [2] Ken Silverstein, “The Church of Morris Dees,” Harper’s Magazine, 1 November, 2000, No. 1806, Vol. 301; Pg. 54 ; ISSN: 0017-789X. Text can be viewed at the Federation for American Immigration Reform website here (scroll down). Harper’s article verified in D.F. Oliveria, “Dees can Buy Poverty Center a New Name,” Spokesman Review, Feb 12, 2001.

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    A shame is it not, all the Americans and Europeans who perished in Jewish financed and organised wars in the last century. I sincerly hope that this century will be better, though we started out worse than we did in the previous one.
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    not that I do not think any group with money or power is dangerous but would you run through you belief that the Jews financed WWII so that they could be sent to gas chambers and incarcerated in death camps.

    I find it interesting. One group thinks that big business and the Kennedys and everyone else was making money by financing and supplying Nazis, And your group thinks the Jews run big business and govt and were pulling all the strings including FDR, Hitler and Stalins.

    Yet last night as I was watching Tora Tora Tora I was pretty sure i saw the Japs bomb pearl harbor.

    This history think is all so difficult.