Morning Wood: ARK Is Dumping Its Coinbase

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by The_Krakenite, Jul 27, 2022.

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  2. ffs1001


    Nice play on words, but not many people would use the terms "Morning Wood" and Cathy in the same sentence.

    But to each, their own - whatever tickles your fancy, bro.
  3. She's dodging the legal risk of Coinbase. There are plenty of other beaten up tech stocks to reallocate to at present, so whereas she's certainly selling low she will also be buying low.

    The sell high part is something she "could've/should've" been doing late last year.
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  4. maxinger


    I'd expect ARK to dump its Coinbase a few weeks ago when Coinbase
    broke the support level decisively.

    If ARK is so slow to dump it, retail investors will probably be even slower.
  5. cesfx


    Considering she is 66... I think she is doing pretty well.
    And she looked pretty good in her best years.
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    I am not a fan of life in marriage, but damn, having someone with her looks (when she was young) & qualifications, that would be, hell of a deal.
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