Morning Trading Question for Seasoned Traders

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  1. I've read on numerous occasions about only trading the morning hours, particularly the first 2 hours.

    I'm looking for specific reasons as to why this time might be favorable to the trader.

    Thank you

  2. dont listen to rubbish like that. if you see patterns and opportunities trade them. i tade at all times of day and there are plenty of nice repeating patterns in the afternoon US session i have found.

    for example alot of people say dont trade the open, but maybe one or two days a month i know with a very high % which way the open will go, when certain conditions happen beforehand.

    i used to not trade this as i listened to others and it cost me money. now i trade whenever i see opportunity. i use my own analysis of risky times to trade not other peoples (i never trade news, and rarely put trades on before possible big econ numbers)

    PS: i trade ES futures mainly, not stocks
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    I don't consider it rubbish at all. I trade stocks and there is more liquidity during certain times of the day. That is very important. You can be in the right trade but if there isn't liquidity to exit...
  4. yes of course jumper, thats why i said make your own ideas of when not to trade- ie. you dont like to trade during illiquid times.

    my point was dont listen to other peoples arbitrary rules of when to trade. make your own that fit your product and style.

    this is obviously a specific problem for you as presumably you trade small cap stocks.
  5. There are more opportunities (set ups) in the morning as players react to overnight and pre-market news + plus have a chance to act upon their analysis after yesterday's close. And if you were to limit yourself to "2 hours screen time" per day, the morning would be best.

    However, that doesn't suggest the rest of the day should therefore be excluded.
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    BlackBison - I think you missed the point of the thread. In my experience along with many other daytraders, there are advantages to trading certain times of the day (as in the open). If you took a poll of traders' p&l during the first two hours and say, the 2nd two hours, you will find that most of the money is made in the former. Obviously, this doesn't apply to everyone but he was asking for advice on the time frame. There is validity...
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    but why the need to ask? if any trader spend enough time watching the stocks or indices throughout the day, he will notice what times are volatile and then activities or volume will usually die down during lunch hours. Not difficult to see.....
  8. I make about 80% of my money in the first 3 hours. First 90 mins in bonds, and then the first 90 mins in ES. Most volume and largest moves at this time.

    This is not rubbish at all. You can make money at any time, but it is easiest early. Plus, after you do this for several years, it gets boring as hell sitting in front of your monitors all day, every day.
  9. It'd be a worthwhile goal to get enough capital to be able make 1-3 trades per day in the first 2 hours.... then go play golf. :D
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    The last hour is also very active and liquid. Often a strong trend started early in the day is continued after the lunchtime doldrums, and breakouts/breakdowns out of consolidation are very powerful.
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