Morning Ritual

Discussion in 'Trading' started by white, Feb 12, 2002.

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    What type of morning ritual do you go through? When ever I get myself pumped up to trade I always trade to much, if I go in flat I don't pull the trigger as much as I should. Any thoughts welcome.

  2. dozu888


    I always have 1/2 pound of sashimi raw fish, with a bottle of saki rice wine for breakfast.

    That will get you into the zone.
  3. I start my day with good sex and a cup of coffee... the combination of endorphines and caffeine does wonders....
  4. Do you mean what mental and/or physical ritual to get pumped or primed for trading or the ritual of checking news, overseas markets, running your screens, pre-market volume etc.?......Pat
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  6. White, what works for me is a fast 25 minute walk in the early morning before the markets open and no matter what the weather. Another trader here writes first thing, anything that comes into his head. We achieve the same things, clearing the mind.

    You try to focus on what has to be done that day and put it in the background so you are on an intuition mode, not over thinking, but knowing. You also hash out any conflicts that might be on your mind so you're ready. Hope that answers the question.......Pat
  7. Wake at 5:30 PST grind beans. Start brewing. Turn on CNBC. Check out overnight levels on NQ Charts. Drink coffee. Check out Pivot points and high and low of yesterday. Check out Island. Drink coffee. Check out Make sure systems are operational... ping test to servers etc. Opening Bell. Drink coffee and wait for the market to reveal it's intentions. Maybe trade.

  8. nitro


    0) Get my dog Shreddy to stop licking me - he is my alarm clock.

    1) I take a huge dump - it is amazing how much money not having to take a dump in the middle of the day can save you

    2) Read to see what the market tone is from overseas. Also, get Fair Value figures.

    3) Turn on CNBC, listen for a few minutes, than turn the sound off. Scan Wall Street Journal

    4) Get the spoos talk feed going.

    5) Make a thermos of decaf tea. Coffee makes me overtrade.

    6) Help my wife get my daughter ready for school - this reminds me of why I trade everyday.

    7) Get "MOO" orders ready.

    8) Right before the bell, try to have _NO_OPINIONS_

  9. white


    Maybe trade?

    Take what the market gives?