Morning Game Plan

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TradeByTheWater, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Good Morning -
    Watching DLTR, DO and ADBE for long plays.

    I definitely won't be hitting DO off the open as it is gapped up 4%...

    To the short side I'm watching HRS - on the hourly chart there is a nice bear flag and it has a gap to fill to the downside.

    Not super excited to buy this gap up... When I went to bed last night we were down 10 handles on the SPX future and were opening up 14 handles... What gives?

    I am just remaining very limber.

    What else is on anyones radar this morning?

  2. My game plan completely deviated from what it originally was...

    Took small scalp long on HSY for profit.

    BHI scalp longs... I think this goes higher and might consider some for the swing account.

    My main vehicle of the day was CF both long and short...

    It is a nimble man's market....

    How is everyone doing today?