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  1. Good Morning All,
    I'm new to the board here. Wanted to introduce myself. I have heard about it for a long time, but never joined.

    Does anyone ever share their morning game plan

    I am watching some names to the long side this morning - I tend to have a much better eye for longs than shorts. (unfortunately)

    ABFS - watching long
    NTAP - watching long (nice flag on the hourly chart)
    PSSI - watching long
    AMLN - watching long
    CAT - watching long if it presents a scalp into the 52-week highs.
    RS - watching to see how it setups intraday with the Barrons article this weekend.

    Any thoughts? Anyone watching anything this morning - always looking for ideas.


  2. What kind of trading are you doing?

    I took a quick look at your charts and didn't see anything that would make me want to swing trade any of your picks.

    Looks like you are looking for breakouts. NTAP is the only one I'd take a look at.
  3. Both swing and day trading. I will post a larger game plan with more notes earlier tomorrow. My first post before the open didn't go through and I didn't want to bother typing more.

    Take a look at SLAB for a swing trade though. That is one I am eyeing for the swing account.


  4. How do you pick your stocks?
  5. I have some screens written in a couple programs... Unfortunately a lot of it comes down to rolling up the sleeves and looking at a TON of equities through the evening...

    I will at least go through the NDX and SPX individually...

    By 10:00 P.M. I have a list of say maybe 20 equities... and by the open I narrow it down to 5.

    I keep sector lists and communicate with a number of people I know as well.
  6. Sounds similar to myself.

    Screen down to a few stocks that are likely to move and wait and see.

    I also run scans interday. What scanning software are you using?
  7. NoDoji


    If you've been eyeing it for a swing trade, why didn't you buy it when it broke through Thursday's high?

    Or are you looking to short it?
  8. MadScan, LightSpeed, TradeStation...

    For the indices, I honestly browse through

    You can hit the spacebar and go stock by stock. pretty nifty...
  9. NoDoji


    I like the AMLN setup. Are you looking to buy @ 23.94?
  10. Unfortunately I found it today after the close. I am eyeing it long. The group look decent...
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