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  1. All religions are Cults.

    Even Atheism is a Cult.

    All based on beliefs that can not be proved beyond a doubt.

    Class is over now. May as well burn your books.

    Beliefs are a waste of your time.

    Free yourself.
  2. Oh Yeah??!!!!??? Well, the Nuns told me that God loves me! And they said that if I was good, I'd go to Heaven for ever and ever, and if I was really good, I'd get a front row seat!!!!

    Of course, they also pointed out if I ate baloney on a Friday, I'd burn for all eternity in the depths of Hell.

    You call that a waste of time!!!???!!!!
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    that was the problem with the church attempting to get free labor. some of the priests and nuns were absolute idiots. Especially the ones from Ireland. Most of my ancestry as Irish so bash me all you want - but if you want to talk Catholic guilt (not supported by the Catholic Catechism) you should point your finger at the stoic hard working under educated Irish in America and probably Ireland.

    You just do not get nearly as much Catholic guilt being spoken of by french, italian, spanish, or mexicans.
  4. "Of course, they also pointed out if I ate baloney on a Friday, I'd burn for all eternity in the depths of Hell."

    I hear ya, But the nuns took off thier habits and now preach: we are going to die a horrible death and end up in hell eating french fries cooked with trans fat, not wearing our seat belts, using the N word, passive smoke, global warming, aye aye aye, now mother superior is running for office. Nancy Pelosi? Sheesh, scaring the children.
  5. Oh no. When I was a kid I ate a lot of baloney sandwich's with
    mayo and mustard. I especially ate a lot on Friday.

    I am doomed...:(
  6. Baloney is not meat, so you are OK with the "olde friday no meat" rule!

    More importantly, Is It Kosher (ritually pure)?! Likely Not!!!
  7. _____________________________________________

    Probably would be good for you to read the allowable ingredients list for the Gov. Regs. on baloney before you make that statement.
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    Mormonism is pretty funny. It's sort of a mix of amateur bible reader 1.0 and Masonic stuff. Their temples have Masonic symbols all over them.

    BTW, curiosity is considered to be a sin by Mormons!! I study and learn things continually, I had a Mormon in the next cubie at one point. I would mention something I learned and he would jump down my throat on cue!!
  9. I believe they have also stolen ideas from the Rosicrucians...
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