Morganist Must be Super-Moderator

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by bearice, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Moderator Morganist is highly intelligent and he should be promoted to Super-moderator status (same as Magna) so that Morganist can share the workload with Magna.

    My prediction is that Elitetrader viewership will be very high.
  2. It would make my life easier if I had more power. Rather than having to refer other mods.
  3. I hope you'd use this power to get rid of agitator bearice, nothing but a nuisance to elitetrader is he :mad:
  4. Lucrum


    NOT if he supports you.

    He's also demonstrated a lack of integrity in CC in the past.
  5. Lucrum



    What is CC?

    You said I lacked integrity when it comes to CC. What is this?
    08-01-11 11:28 AM

    Response to your PM morganist:

    CC is a frequently used abbreviation for the Chit Chat forum, you know one of the forums you moderate. And I didn't say you lacked integrity when it comes to CC, as in all the time, I said you've demonstrated a lack of integrity in CC in the past. There is some difference.

    What do I mean by that you ask? You deleted an entire thread in CC for no reason other than multiple members thought the photo you had posted of yourself made you look gay. An abuse of power I should think.
  6. Baron (elitetrader owner) supports me.

    1 Billion good, intelligent and strong people worldwide support me.

    How many people support Obama?

    O Baby O baby everything you need.
  7. There are 5 meanings for gay:

    light-hearted, mirthful, showy, dissolute, sl.homosexual.
  8. I viewed it as being offensive to gay people that you would make derrogatory comments regarding someone looking gay. I am not gay but I have to make sure that people are not offended. That is my responsibility as a moderator. I had to remove the thread because of that and other complaints too.

    The thing you criticise me for is merely what I am supposed to do.