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  2. The beautiful thing about Stephen Roach is that he is a brilliant economist that looks at reality just as it is. Alot of other economist seem to see things always through rose colored glasses. It is always difficult for even the most seasoned economist to time when the sandpile becomes unstable but it appears that we are very near a significant pullback event that is in all likelyhood to be more than just a short-term "Fibonacci retracement".

    I just hope stock trad3r is on the bid when I need him!
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    LMAO...that guy is all talk. Probably runs a $10k account to the limit.

    It's a very bold article at time and I give him credit for just being blunt...not eccentricly bearish.
  4. Have you followed Roach? I have read his work for the last 3 years, I am telling you this guy is spot on. If this is your first encounter with him, you need to dig up his archives.
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    I haven't...but I will try and dig up his papers from the past. Thanks!
  6. I've been reading his work for more like a decade and I agree that he's one of a handful of credible voices in the international economic forecasting arena.

    He's the anti-Kudlow if you will, real substance, no theater.

    He's admitted that he stuck his neck out and has been wrong - sort of like trading isn't it? The aim is to be right more often but you will get it wrong a lot nonetheless

    Others with real substance IMO are Professor Schiller of Yale (wrote "Irrational Exuberance"). He too says we are in a real estate bubble. Both he and Roach continually say that you can tell that you are in a bubble but you can't predict when it will bust. Dead right.