Morgan Stanley on Craigslist

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  1. Large International Investment Banking Firm Seeks Like Minded Life Partner - NYC and satellites in 6 continents

    For merging of common interests, providing mutual support, and
    co-habitating for the minimizing of expenses and to undertake a joint fat reduction effort.

    We offer a diverse array of services that can compliment yours. Also, we possess a deep, multifarious, challenging, and terribly interesting library. We wish to share our unique book with a loving and trusting soul.

    Our strengths include balance sheet finessing, exploitative proprietary trading, spin doctoring, inquiry deflection, rule bending, complex instrument creation, as well as traditional activities. We have global relationships with leading institutions and wealthy deep pocketed individuals; we possess great reach and incomparable stealth.

    The time has come to have a shoulder to rest our weary head upon at the end of the hectic day. We are ready to settle down and desire that once in a lifetime special "significant other".
  2. Its going to be fun to watch all those "wealth managers" with their "private clients" from Merrill being run by a bank who's idea building wealth is to have a debit card that rounds up to the nearest dollar and puts the difference in a savings account! Couldn't happen to a bigger group of assholes! What's next, a free toaster with your derivative purchase?:D :D :D
  3. Where is the link?:D