Morgan Freeman says US doesn't have a black prez

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  1. Morgan Freeman has one of the best, most recognizable voices in Hollywood. The words that come out of his mouth always sound amazing — even if what he says is totally from another planet. In an interview with NPR, Freeman expressed his opinion about Barack Obama's heritage, saying that he's not black enough to be America's first black president. "Barack had a mama and she was white, very white American, Kansas, middle of America," Freeman said. He later added, "America's first black president hasn't arisen yet ... [Obama] is America's first mixed-race president." Freeman also criticized the Republican Party for "purposely [thwarting]" Obama.
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    Yes, great vocal cords with very little gray matter attached.
  3. pspr


    Morgan still thinks he is God ever since making those movies. No one wants to break the news to him. But, one day the big guy will set him straight.
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    what the hell does it mean to be 'not black enough'? not enough hatred, racism, and stupidity? not enough complaining and screaming for the white man's money?
  5. jem


    What Freeman is saying is can be correct, depending on your view.

    White mom and grandparents, raised him overseas and in Hi.
    He did not experience the typical experience of a black guy in america.

    Which raises the question... brought up by emimnem in the end of his movie.

    If the opposing rapper is really named clarance, he grew up in a good family and went to private schools should he be allowed to pose as _____?

    What is authentic?

    Its not for me to answer on this subject.
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    Tell Elizabeth Warren about it. And oh, maybe BO was not qualified to receive affirmative action
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    When I first saw this I literally laughed out loud. I saw Freeman being informed that he has significant European/Caucasian ancestry himself. IOW he's probably not "black enough" to be saying anything in the first place.

    He is a great actor though.
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    Can you say Macular Degeneration? :p
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    Black men get up in the morning and look in the mirror asking: "what will the true Black Man do today?". The rest of us look in the mirror and ask: "what's for breakfast?"
  10. And just who sold you that sack o shit?
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