More younger people support Bush

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    Young Voters Said To Be Trending Toward Bush
    Tue Jan 20 2004 10:42:11 ET

    Morton Kondracke in fresh ROLL CALL:

    "Here's a harrowing pair of facts for Democrats: In 60 years, no Democrat has ever won the presidency without carrying the youth vote. And right now President Bush's approval rating among 18- to 29-year-olds is 62 percent, higher than his nationwide rating. Top Republican strategists admit that the youth vote is fluid, but right now the trends are all in their direction, which they hope is a harbinger not only for 2004, but also a possible longer-term party realignment."

    A Bush campaign official said, "It's called the theory of political socialization. Who are the most Democratic people in America? It's the over-65 age group. Why? Because the two presidents they knew best were Franklin Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover. And who are the most Republican? People in their 40s, who came of age in the last two years of Jimmy Carter and the first two years of Ronald Reagan. If your politics were being formed during the last two years of Bill Clinton and the first two years of George Bush, there's a fairly good chance that we'll have your support."

    Kondracke writes, "It seems impossible that a generation reared on free-love television and rap music, a generation far more tolerant of ethnic diversity and homosexuality than its elders, could support the GOP, whose base in anchored in the religious right. In fact, Democratic theorists such as Ruy Teixeira, John Judis and Stan Greenberg look upon the expanded role of minorities, cosmopolitan regions and diversity-minded young people to produce an 'emerging Democratic majority' through the force of demography.

    "But, at the moment, the numbers support the view of GOP leaders that young people are trending Republican because they like Bush."
  2. younger people are also...

    -more likely to commit violent crime
    -more likely to have unprotected sex
    -more likely to serve prison time
    -more likely to declare bankruptcy
    -more likely to use illegal drugs
    -less educated...

    (incidentally, i like bush, too...the hairy i understand what all the fuss about bush is with the younger folks)

    shall i continue???
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    Yeah please do since It is Howard Dean that is actually claiming to have invigorated all the young people in this country. It is Dean that cites the 18-29 group as the reason for his success. It is Dean that believes that the younger voter turnout will be the reason that he will be the next President of the United States It is Dean that actually has the most number of young people campaigning for him.

    Now what were you saying about young people?

    And what are you saying this means for Dean?
  4. :D takes time for the young to realize what a fraud scumya is.:D
    with all the illegal war spending, no money left to educate young america! :( :( give em time, da wake up call is just around the corner:p :cool:
  5. And any honest person will admit that they had their head up their ass when they were 18.

    I was listening to some interviews with high school students about GW's space exploration scam. It was interesting how stupid the responses were. Mainly they thought we would just move to Mars after we had destroyed the Earth. Good thinking.

  6. bill gates @18??

  7. Based on this post and Kondracke's article, it sounds like young people saw Bush when their heads were up their asses and 62% liked what they saw.
  8. Fortunately most of them don't vote.

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    No, unfortunately most of them are voting for Dean.
  10. Yes, please continue, and while you're at it ...

    -more likely to support an old man's social security check
    -more likely to get inherited debt from the baby boomer gen.
    -more likely to get told a lot of lies by "wise old men."

    Less educated? Please! Do some research. The college eductation percentage for people between 18-35 today is much higher than it has ever been in the United States.

    Likely to use illegal drugs? So what? You don't see many kids doped up on weed destroying companies, raping employees of their 401K plans and otherwise causing large economic damage to thousands of people.
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