More women needing cash go from jobless to topless

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Mar 22, 2009.

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  2. Silver lining in every cloud
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    Does this mean strip clubs will become cheaper as supply of sluts goes up or will the quality of women merely increase and all the ugly ones get thrown to the curb?
  4. When gold hits 2k I am thinking of getting myself a harem.
  5. Article is sensationalist crap or a marketing ploy.

    Go look at RICK vs the S&P 500 on Yahoo Finance.
  6. I wonder if that girl from the article will be getting a visit from the IRS soon as a result of her 'exposure'. Ah what the hell, she probably already has a special arrangement with the agents assigned to her.

    Also, she's 29 now ... that 'job security' she claims has an expiration date much earlier than most careers.
  7. Nice... Sophisticated labor economics question in disguise.

    But that would create an opportunity for a new type of strip club owner. He could take the second rate girls and offer $5 lap dances at his bar. This would appeal to a growing segment of unemployed schleps.
  8. For all my life ( I am 40 yrs old) I have never seen an efficient market as pussy market.

    As far as I can see, all the quality ones are already priced in. Never seen a high yield product for a cheap price. Never. This commodity has the most efficient market system ever built.

    Somehow demand and supply always in equilibrium :)
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    Mr J

    You're joking right? Tougher economic conditions lead to the market being saturated by women - those that lost jobs, those that didn't have jobs, and those that divorced or dumped their well-to-do men. Most women who think in superficial terms have no idea of their true value, which is much, much lower than what they think.
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