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  1. I am getting 2-3 weird emails per day since last week, always different address that I don't know with all kind of subject lines: Hi!; re: undeliverable mail; info etc. Most of those have attachment . I just deleted them without opening them even those without attachments. However I am curious, each time I want to open it to see what it is. I have a web- based email account. Usually I have to click on the attachment to download it and save . Can this stuff install itself without clicking on the attachment? Even on a email like Yahoo! or Hotmail?
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    After some heavy damage you will no longer curious about any email.
  4. Isnt microsoft working on a way for people to open email without exposing the whole system to a virus? It should have been done ages ago.
  5. My computer is infected. How do I get rid of this beast?
  6. From Yahoo!

    Computers running any of the latest versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system e-mail program are at risk of being infected, although the worm doesn't exploit any flaws in Windows or software.

    Instead, MyDoom is designed to entice the recipient of an e-mail to open an attachment with an .exe, .scr, .zip or .pif extension.

    I guess that means you are safe with a web-based email account
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  8. Thank you Intrinsic and Ebo for your help!
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