More UK #'s tonight

Discussion in 'Forex' started by globalfxllc, May 12, 2004.

  1. We got the unemployment rate coming out at 4:30 ET. Consensus is 2.9% and the change at -5K.
    GBP def up today off the lows of earlier. It trading nicely so far inside the channel on a 5 minute chart.
    At 5:30 ET is the all important quarterly inflation report. This is really big. The eco data last few days has come in weak. Yet the B of E has been kind of hawkish. This could justify their bias. Consensus is for rates to be at 5% by year-end.
  2. Thank you for your info/comment. Maybe you could also mention GMT?
    And why not make a thread about all eco reports - instead of starting a new one every day?
    P.S. Did you trade the numbers?
  3. you are right. I will try to post all. I usually come and post when things are slow.
    I did trade the number. After the number it broke out of its channel and eventually moved up to where we sold off heavy yesterday. For now that could be a good ceiling, unless some govt folks make comments or US trade numbers are way off.
  4. OK. There will also come UK leading indicators later today.

    Where can we read consensus about UK numbers?
  5. in ny this am ?

    gold strong vs euro in ny this am ?

    when GDP comes out at 8:30 am EST

    something has got to give :p
  6. rallied after the number to come in line with gold it seems
  7. You think gold leads the way? I don't think so. Look at the volume in gold compared to currencies.