More Trading firms like Alliance Capital?

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  1. You must have been slumming when you were in Jamaica.
    Stay away from the slums. Hang out in the middle/upper class places in St. Andrew, which is the upper half of Kingston extending into the beautifull hills.
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  2. cool runnings.
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    I do not think this need any more comments. If Jimmy says it I would take my money out and run for my life :D
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  4. I think that Carter is an honest and honerable man. He's better than those crooks in Washington who will say anything if they think it will be popular. Exclude those good guys that are friends of the island.
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  5. I know my buddy has had an acct with Alliance ( for I think almost 2 years now. He hasn't had any problems. He day trades all the time with under $25k. I think they're legit.

    Now if you want to get into the logistics of whether you can ever be a successful active trader with under $25k, that is certainly still up for debate.
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  6. I've been trading with them for a little over 2 months. No problems here. They are expensive though, $25 to wire money in, $55 to wire out and I pay on average of $29 for a round trip. A 100 lot round trip will cost around $23! It's the only game in town for some one under 25k to trade stocks with out the PDT rule as far as I know. I've been looking for ways to come up with some extra cash to get over 25k so i can open an IB account. It's reall tough when you have a small accout because commissions just eats all your small profits away. Like today, I made 3 trades, 2 profitable and 1 looser. I'm up for the day but actually -$4 after commissions!! :mad:
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    Yikes :eek: Did you look into the futures contracts, it'll be really hard to get ahead with those kinds of commisions.
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