More Trading firms like Alliance Capital?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by petediddy, Sep 8, 2005.

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    Alliance is an interesting idea....they are established offshore according to their website and only require you to commit $2000 in order to day-trade with leverage. im wondering why if its a profitable business model more companies arent setting up shop like Alliance........seems like a risk management nightmare. Ive approached the managing members of my firm and they are seriously considering setting up shop just like Alliance. Best to all and good trading.
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    Because no legitimate, profitable trader would ever move their account to some small, unregulated, offshore "broker".
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    Is Alliance a fly by night operation catering to gambling addicts???
  4. Ebo


    I would not put my capital in Kingston.
    Most US LLC's do not require 25K to trade.
    Try doing a little research my friend.
  5. Do you have a cousin named RKradio?
  6. by the way ... some traders get around the 25 K

    PDT rules by trading SSF's

    that is ... if their retail firm allows this

  7. Kingston is the slum of Jamaica. Next you will be telling us to daytrade from Lagos, Nigeria. Get with it man.
  8. Why would'nt you put your capital in Kingston. Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said Jamaican democracy is one of the best that he had seen. I've lived in Kingston for most of my life and there has been far less financial and corporate scandals there than what happens in the U.S.
    I'll put money in any Jamaican financial institution that is transparent with their financial records. They are regulated just as much as U.S. companies are.
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    I am trading from Rio currently, and feel quite safe with my capital in FDIC and SIPC insured institutions Stateside.

    More power to ya mon.
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