More Total Carnage - Currency Losses

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  1. Bet there will be more companies and hedgies, etc. blown out of the water by the massive movements in the currency market over the last few days. EUR, GBP, etc. plummeting vs. USD and JPY. Icing on a giant cake to the moves of the last few weeks.

    Already started seeing many stories on Bloomberg about this...
  2. total blowout in the euro. unbelievable how screwed up this whole system is
  3. This last year shows that everything material is all $@#!^. It's value is whatever the next person is willing to pay. Oh the big supply/demand shift in oil over the last several months!!!

    The stories will surface of more monster Unauthorized Trades (UAT's) in currencies. Hey, they were ok by management before when they were profitable though...
  4. Not just companies. Whole countries are getting thrown into the abyss. Argentina, for one.
  5. maybe some people in the know...
    Bretton Woods II in the making and some friends already know the outcome....
  6. A weakening euro is great if you are looking to travel or buy property in Europe. I'm hoping that one day 1 dollar will fetch you 1 euro.
  7. Brazil is next.

    Great place to visit though....
  8. Daal


    brazil ain't going to blow up, they got too much in USD reserves(which are soaring in value) and no debt in USD. the central bank is using reverse to prop up the currency but so far its not a significant sum
  9. I'm moving to Singapore with Jim Rogers
  10. a flat in London so you can have 32 police state CCTV cameras staring up your a$$!!! :eek:
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