More thuggery from Mexican radical group "The Race"/La Raza

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    Last year, Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a bill that would effectively ban ethnic studies in Arizona schools. These ethnic studies were taught by teachers like Jose Lara in California, where students learn that Arizona belongs to Mexico, to overthrow the government and take back that land.

    In a protesting tactic very similar to that of the one used during Richard Spencer’s speech at Providence, La Raza students ran into the meeting hall of the Tuscon, Arizona Unified School District board shouting and screaming to shut down the meeting. What was the meeting about? To discuss making La Raza studies an elective in public schools rather than banning them all together.

    So, the protest actually makes no sense. But it gets even better.

    After the dramatic entrance, the students chained themselves to the chairs at the front of the room reserved for the school board members and started chanting, while what appears to be fist pumping, “our education’s under attack, what do we do? Fight back.”

    A security guard tries to block the students from sitting in the chairs before things got out of hand, but he can’t and gives up. The video ends before it shows how the students were removed, if they were arrested or if the school board members will reschedule the meeting.

    The following video from Live Leak shows the students’ protest.

    These people have no respect for America, American laws or the American people. It’s time to stop trying to be reasonable with them and, in their own words, fight back.
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    I was asked recently to look at a stack of resumes and to weed-out as I pleased based on technical merit.

    One of those resumes actually cited La Raza membership.

    As I shredded the resume I remembered something I heard said a few times in engineering school, "somebody has to design toasters". Poor bastard.