More than half of the $9 trillion in debt U.S. to accrue will be INTEREST only

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  1. Zimbabwe, eventually. (Actually, we don't have to be even 1/100th as bad as Zimbabwe for nearly all of us to be hosed.)
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  2. JamesJ


    Quote from libertad:


    The question being.....

    Which currency is going to be the one that loses the least....

    The battle of the fiats...."is on"....


    The Swiss Franc...

    Lots of Gold to back it (although they sold a big junk at very bad prices a few years ago).

    And the Nationalbank (swiss fed) has been intervening strongly in the currency market lately (buying huge amounts of USD and EURO) to fight the strengthening...

    So they now sit on a huge pile of USD and EURO, which they will eventually sell parts of them sooner or later, thus stop a possible weakening or even produce a further strengthing of the Swiss Franc.
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  3. Swiss Franc is essentially a fiat now.
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  4. Well of course they do ....what in gods name do you thinks the Eurodollar market is all about? Will I shock the shit outta you to tell you that it goes all over the global...EVERY NIGHT?

    Be that as it may the TIPS market is sensing inflation expectations. And that's the most important thing you can take for next several months.

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  5. JamesJ


    they are all fiat...
    he asked for the best out of all the bad ones...
    Switzerland has a massive trade surplus and low debt - public and private.
    add the gold reserves and safety and steadiness of their politics...

    CHF has long been a safe haven and still is, i reckon it would be much higher (following the path of gold) if the Nationalbank were not intervening.
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  6. JamesJ


    here is one day of intervention by swiss Nationalbank.

    you see how massive it is!


    (trading range the past two months.. 1.51-1.52, here the nationalbank bought the euro almost some crazy 5 ticks up)

    they repeated this action several times, now the market expects intervention at the 1.50 level, so it's pretty steady close above it.
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  7. Yes, we already know this. Admittedly, restating it does not reduce the pain. The people in real money and real power only want more of both. And none of them are politicians. Figure it out, we have been railroaded. Nothing we can do about it. Make money, put it away, and get ready for the train wreck.

    Oh yes, and failing to believe in the elite control over all administrations does you as much good as believing Obama will recover the economy. Per their own words. And they have no reason to lie.
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  8. the only way out is another revolution now
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  9. 4XQs


    The NOKi is far better than Swissie. For us board-pikers the liquidity is there, but for the bigger players it's not that simple.
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  10. JamesJ


    NOK is one of the commodity currencies, so not too bad yes.. i like it too.

    The Aussie AUD would be another one, though i like NOK more.
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