More tales of Muslim tolerance

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  1. This is an exerpt from a story about the mohammed cartoon in europe.

    Why don't we (the west) start executing muslims everytime a cleric or mullah says death to America or any other idiotic thing they say?

    Earlier in the day, two armed groups, the Popular Resistance Committee and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, had threatened to harm Danes, French and Norwegians in the Palestinian territories after newspapers in France and Norway opted to reprint the Danish cartoons.

    "Every Norwegian, Dane and Frenchman in our country is a target," said the Popular Resistance Committee and the radical Al-Aqsa brigades. If the three countries in question don't shut down their offices and consulates in the Palestinian territories, "we won't hesitate to destroy them."
  2. Jimmy Carter should be coming to the 2 armed groups defense any day now on Larry King. Did you see his comments concerning Hamas? Nice.
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    "Protests over Islam cartoons escalate worldwide"

    "Top Iraqi Shiite blasts images as several European papers reprint cartoons"

    I am waiting for the left wingers to come out now and empathize with the poor muslims.
  4. It won't take long.
  5. Many of the europeans are already apologizing.
  6. Nice. Maybe we'll get an apology when they offend us next time!
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    I saw on the news yesterday a masked gunman saying they would bomb churches and synagogs if Danish paper did not apologize. And they are pissed over Allah with bomb on his head? WTF.......and how is this not accurate?

  8. Because bombs are not permitted to be made into images lest they be idolized.

  9. You can make and image of the Koran though...and and image of a fuse...but not the Koran and a fuse together.

  10. ...lest the book will be idolized.

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