More Sunlight On Congress

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ktmexc20, Apr 27, 2006.


    The more watchdogs the better.

    ....It's time for a regime change.... meaning all the bastards.

    Send a message to Washington...
    Register Independent.

  2. I agree. It is time for people to quit registering with either of the two parties we currently have. Although I agree mostly with Republican ideas, they obviously are as defunct when it comes to getting things done as the libs are. This game playing over the immigration issue is out of control. Neither side is going to do the right thing. Instead they will both try to look like the good guys by saying our party is the reason you have citizenship so vote for us.

    Why shouldn't the politicians do that though. The divide between the parties is so obvious that neither side is worried about their constituency. They may as well pander to a whole new group of voters.
  3. Good post kt. This country is so ripe for a third party.
  4. Ricter


    This country is ripe for parliamentary government. The issues we care about far outnumber two, or three parties.
  5. I've wondered about this...could it ever happen?


  6. Ricter


    We might end up doing something different, "leapfrogging" it if you will, like internet voting on issues. We could sever ties to the fossilized political parties then perhaps.