More slogans, no substance

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gangof4, Feb 24, 2009.

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    why are so many inspired by this guy just because he can make a good speech?

    i have never felt so not a part of this country as i do now.

    now the messiah is going to cure cancer and every American should go back to school. ummm, ok. we've got a guy preaching fiscal responsibility when he just rammed thru nearly a trillion dollars of pork so fast that he and Pelosi convinced the flock that there wasn't even a need to read it first before voting. and... it wasn't even a stimulus bill- it was a democrats wish list 'we won, we can do whatever the fuck we want' bill. an everyone (the masses, anyway) eat it up.

    WHEW!!! change change!!!!

    he makes speeches and he does nothing else. he's still campaigning. we need a leader, not a professional speaker.

    i've served my country in the Army (and can still be called up). i'm disillusioned though. we went from an idiot, to someone whose goal is wealth redistribution thru speech making.

    ok, /rant.
  2. Who has more credability... Bernanke or Obama???

    They are both talking bobble heads, if you think otherwise, you will believe anything.
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    Hmmm, what's that saying? "Don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash."
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    He has a great speech writer but the fact remains he put loses with the taxpayer. He has saddled us with far more than a wasteful stimulus. He caved to Geitner and Co. For a brief moment I believed in him too. Not anymore
  5. The good thing is that he should generate the bounce we need. That will suck the last lot in. Then we can have the depression that the world needs to get past all this profligate spending.

    So, he is the man that America deserved, and will ultimately deliver what America needs.

    (I don't know what you did to deserve George, but you must have been bloody bad when you were kids).
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    i tend to agree with you and the forest fire metaphor.

    what i don't get (along with most of the shit the kool aid drinkers buy into) is all this talk about the need to stop the fall in housing prices. wtf are these people smoking. we've only fallen to 2003 levels. i live in CA. 3000 sq ft house down the street just sold for $1.53mm. shitty houses in neighbourhoods you would not want to live in still cost $500m- to live anywhere you'd feel safe- $700m + for nothing special in an 'ok' neighbourhood. who the fuck can afford that. when it takes $700m + just to be in a middle class neighbourhood, the last thing you need is govt money to keep prices from falling. christ, they need to correct another 50% to make any sense in CA where i live.
  8. Great post g4. I totally agree with you.

    Housing prices are still far out of line vs. incomes.

    We need to retrace 80% of the bubble move up.
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    February 24, 2009

    SouthAmerica: Regarding this evenings' Obama speech to Congress I would give him a grade = A+

    Regarding the Republican response:

    Where the Republican Party found that idiot that gave the Republican response?

    This is the best the Republican Party has to offer to the American people today?

    The Republicans are in deep trouble since the best they have to offer is a Moron.

  10. Illum


    I will say the speech writer is incredible. You see that part where he invited getting jeered in an God Bless America speech? "Stimulus without pork"

    And they fell for it, they jeered him hard, and he looked concerned and confused... lolz.

    Then he went on and emasculated them with "walking into trillion in deficits" "Iraq war unaccounted for" "Economic disaster" He then followed it up with God Bless America. Completely emasculating the Republican party in front of America. Epic. I bet some of those idiots don't even know how bad they were played yet. As if he was talking off the cuff, and the next bunch of "lines" came out of nowhere.

    Well played
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