More shadiness from George Zimmerman

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    George Zimmerman Sued Over Bill To Protect His Ass

    It cost roughly $67,000 to keep Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman safe after his release from jail this summer -- and now, the security company that protected him from angry mobs and vigilante killers is suing him for a huge chunk of that bill.

    Associated Investigative Services filed the lawsuit against Zimmerman and his attorneys, claiming they hired the firm in June to provide security "in anticipation of Mr. Zimmerman's release from incarceration while he was awaiting trial on felony criminal charges."

    According to Associated, Zimmerman's lawyer faithfully paid $40,000 while the company continued to provide security services ... but then payments stopped and the bills piled up.

    According to the lawsuit, Zimmerman's attorney told Associated his client could no longer afford the protection services -- partially because he still needs to pay for his defense in the upcoming second degree murder trial.

    Associated wants the $27,027 it claims Zimmerman still owes.
  2. That's being broke not shady
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    yeah, being broke because a bunch of "tolerant" liberals were so violent and angry, that the guy needed protection because his life was in jeopardy.
  4. the whole thing is another publicity stunt if you ask me.. i have met the guy.. i grew up in Lake Mary.. live 2 minutes from the crime scene... i feel bad all the black people are sold all this garbage..
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Yeah, i agree, about it being a publicity stunt, liberals had spent 3 years pushing the narrative that America is supposedly getting more racist since Obama got elected, so when this story came out, they were all over it, only problem was they botched the whole thing, at first they thought it was a story about a racist white guy getting off with shooting an innocent young black kid, the type of story that makes the liberal media salivate.

    Only it turned out that zimmerman was neither white, nor a racist, and Trayvon was not the innocent black honors student they wanted, but at that point they had already jumped on the wagon, so the lynching of zimmerman must continue.
  6. Accepting services that you cant pay for is.Zimmermen once again shows his word cant be trusted
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Boy you must think that alot of people on welfare, and obamacare are shady people.
  8. Don't forget about the Clintons.

  9. Growing up in Lake Mary and moving to within 2 minutes of Sanford is a downgrade. I used to be a security guard in Sanford some time ago and it is a major hell hole. Being a white dude there added additional unpleasantness.

    George Zimmerman case is fairly straightforward - kid got into a fight he lost. The case you need to be outraged about is the one where the idiot at a gas station decided to shoot into a car because of "loud music". He later made up a story of "someone" in a car pointing a gun at him.

    Part of the reason I hate concealed carry and especially stand your ground (though I support George Zimmerman since the case is different he had a right to ask someone what he/she was doing in his neighborhood) is that it empowers people who would otherwise be major scrubs to feel like Chuck Norris.

    There is no legitimate reason why an out of shape middle aged white guy (the idiot at the gas station) should feel macho. As Jason Whitlock wrote, weapons make people "solve problems" with violence. The guy at the station should have either complained to the station attendant/owner, called the police or SIMPLY DRIVEN AWAY. Instead of avoiding confrontation, stupid concealed carry encourages people to embrace it and that is bad for society. If I see shady looking dudes across the street I would get as far away from them as possible instead of crossing the street and screaming "come at me bro".
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