More Sarah Palin Scandals

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  1. Alaska trooper says politics slowed drug arrest

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A drug investigator says authorities delayed the arrest of a woman tied to Gov. Sarah Palin's family until after the November election, in which Palin was the Republican vice presidential candidate, a newspaper reported.

    Sherry Johnston — whose son Levi Johnston is engaged to Palin's daughter, Bristol — was arrested Dec. 18 on six felony drug counts. She is accused of selling Oxycontin, a strong prescription painkiller, and pleaded not guilty Monday.

    Investigator Kyle Young sent an e-mail to the Public Safety Employees Association saying the search warrant of Johnston's house was delayed for political reasons, the Anchorage Daily News reported Monday.

    "It was not allowed to progress in a normal fashion, the search warrant WAS delayed because of the pending election and the Mat Su Drug Unit and the case officer were not the ones calling the shots," Young wrote in the Dec. 30 e-mail.
  2. Levi Johnston quits oil field job; Gov. Palin denies she helped him get it

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Levi Johnston, the boyfriend of Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, has quit his North Slope oil field job over questions about his eligibility to work in an electrical apprenticeship program, Johnston’s father said Monday.

    Johnston, 18, began working this fall in the Milne Point oil field with ASRC Energy Services Inc., a major Slope contractor.

    In a Sunday newspaper column, Anchorage radio talk show host Dan Fagan questioned how Johnston could take part in ASRC’s apprenticeship program without a high school diploma.

    Fagan said he understood federal regulations require all members of apprenticeship programs to have a diploma. He also questioned whether the governor might have had a hand in getting Johnston into the program.
  3. Wonder if she still plans to run in 2012 :confused:
  4. Obambi got elected with all his guilt by associations.
  5. OMG politician got a job for the relative.
    All congressmans wifes , kids , kids of relatives and aquitances work for the government in cushy positions.None of them is an electrician trust me on this.
    Singling out Palin for this is a sure sign of stupidity and hypocrisy .
  6. Insider trading your candidate won.

    You are supposed to be defending him now while I and others get to have the fun being on the offensive. :cool: