More Republican big brother laws. death penalty for miscarriage

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  1. Women's rights anyone?

    Sure does sound like a turn toward Islamic style view of women...

    It is not surprising that fundamentalism of the right wing is akin to the fundamentalism of Isam...both put men before the rights of women.

    How does one prove that there was no human intervention in a miscarriage?

    Now women have to prove a negative?

  2. All in Gods name, these Republicans wrap themselves around the American flag, holding the bible. They represent the biggest threat to our democracy.
  3. Lucrum


    Maybe you guys should let them secede from the union.
  4. As it is set up now only the baby gets the death penalty. The only innocent being of the parties involved. This is barbaric.
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    You're a f*cking moron, no offense. A "state rep" from Georgia? Not US Congress, but a state rep. You know what that is right? State reps are one level above dog catcher in most states and yes there are plenty of morons on both the right and the left at the "state" level. He is one of them. Your thread title is nothing but hyperbole. Figures from a guy that just sells naked premium. I know where your intellect level is.
  6. They can secede their butts out of here any time they want, by boat, jet or take a long walk to Mexico, nobody is forcing them to stay. Hell I'll pull a trailer load of the wana be ex-Americans who want out to the Mexican border and pay for the fuel and fried chicken and pepsi to get em there.
  7. I say not to secession...but yes to selling them to China.

    Can you imagine if the goobers down there were under Red China's thumb?

  8. Buy me a house with a private beach in Belize and you got yourself a deal.
  9. I hope your a hot girl or we have ourselves a problem.
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