More reason to bring back public hangings

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  1. The chief executive of the mortgage giant Freddie Mac rejected internal warnings that could have protected the company from some of the financial crises now engulfing it, according to more than two dozen current and former high-ranking executives and others.
  2. That did occur to me at one point too...

    We need something more than wrist slapping...
  3. The boyz in suits will respond in the same manner as a street thug.

    If the penalty outweighs the reward , they will back off. Most of them anyhow.

    The others will justify the investment in scaffolding and rope.

    Choke on that liberal scum.
  4. nassau


    who would you hang as if the two dozen current and former high ranking executives had knowledge - are they guilty also.
    birds of a feather so to speak?
    conspiracy consists of 3 parts - control, intent and knowledge

    this is more that if I turn evidence and he is worse than me

    Nassau still hangs the guilty, but it is reserved to murder.
    The day of the hanging, outside of FoxHill Prison you can buy T-shirts, food and just have a good time listening to music and dancing. But then again man has always enjoy being part of a hanging, car crash, fire etc.