More Rants Like Santelli's Needed

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  1. People need to speak up about how their being HOZED... and how their CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN are being hosed.

    We need to accept our medicine.. the Gummint needs to scale back, as it's become "unaffordable" in its present obesity...
  2. Rick Santelli is a middle class guy from middle America.

    The Mainstream Media rarely allows daily broadcasts from anywhere outside it media centers on the coasts.

    As far as rants go, the only person that I know of the MSM allows to rant day in and day out is the bitchy old queen, Keith Olberman on PMSNBC. He is of course an elitist, and an eccentric subset of elitists at that.

    Rush Limbaugh had the background to rant for the middle class from middle America, but he sold out to lead the comfortable life of an elitist where he is highly paid to amuse people as one might amuse his friends over after dinner cocktails at the country club on a Saturday night.

    Lou Dobbs to his credit focuses on the middle class and reports stories that most in the MSM refuses to report, but it is very unsatisfying. What good is it to register as an independent, when your only choice boils down to two elitists Senators who embrace Washington and all that is wrong with Washington and the country.

    Glenn Beck is as close as it gets to a middle class voice but the fact that he is now owned by the Fox News Network is not good news. Fox News was supposedly a conservative network but could not find a conservative to employ who opposed ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and INTERNATIONALISM.

    When it comes down to it the middle class and middle America, has NO VOICE.

    That what was refreshing yesterday when Santelli was given his 15 minutes of fame.

    The only hope is that economic hard times are hitting the media elites the hardest. I can only imagine a world without the NY Slimes as a better place.

    It has been more than thirty years since William Safire and Patrick J. Buchanan put some words of truth in the most unlikliest of messengers. But the words seem just as true.

    "(The media) are an effete corps of impudent snobs, a tiny fraternity of privileged men elected by no one and enjoying a monopoly sanctioned and licensed by the government. They are nattering nabobs of negativism."

    You asked for a rant, and I supplied one, the problem is internet rants on bulletin board forums like ET do not get links from Drudge.
  3. Stosh


    Kudlow does some good rants.....but doesn't have the audience or Drudge links. And I don't think he is middle class.
  4. If Kudlow went to a diner, Walmart, or McDonald's, he would be wearing the same business suits with probably his favorite pink themed ties and handkerchiefs.
  5. Maybe you didn't hear the man.
    What he called for was REVOLUTION.
    Not some pussy revolution like the Regan Revolution
    or the Ron Paul Revolution.

    A REAL one like great, great, great grandad's.
  6. Gnome....

    We need to accept our medicine.. the Gummint needs to scale back, as it's become "unaffordable" in its present obesity...


    The question being....."When" ?

    If there ever was a clear message that the current progressive system is not going to work....It is now....

    But one has heard nothing....


    Just another "fire truck arriving after the building has burned to the ground "....

    And this is very telling about those who are in leadership positions....

    One could reason this on the back of an envelope....
  7. santelli comes from the CME, was a trader, many other roles too

    know what the number 1 rule is on making a trade in the CME?


    that's it - nothing more to it

    he, as well as a zillion other traders on the CME have lived by that rule - and same days it hurt pretty bad to live by it. but they did - still do

    that's why it blows his brain that home 'owners' cant get that
  8. Rule Number 2 was established back in September.

    When the Gubmint changes the rules on shorting in midstream, you lose.

    There will be no mulligans, make-goods, or bailouts.
  9. Olbermann gave Santelli the "World's Worst Person" award ( right next to Rush ) on Friday's show.

    Unfortunately for Olbermann, he obviously has a very difficult time being able to make a distinction between "Wall Street" and locals on a commodities exchange that are mostly comprised of independent self-employed people who have very little to do with what Olbermann believes to be Wall Street.
  10. Don't agree with everything you said, but this part is so true. I can't bare to watch a 5 second clip of his "reporting."

    I'm not a big Affleck fan, but he nailed Olbermann's drivel in this clip:

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