More ramblings about the NYC economy...

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  1. I was out again on Friday and Saturday. Things appeared very much changed. Lots of women showing leg, such a big crowd, lots of traffic. I ended up getting lucky on both Friday and Saturday. It was fun.

    I was in the village and there was live jazz playing everywhere. Was the recession over? Everyone definately seemed in good spirits and partying...

    However, the war is far from being over. They were celebrating the eye of the hurricane...

    Enjoy the eye while its here and prepare to get back into the shelter soon...

    Happy Spring NYC dwellers...

  2. Is it "fleet week" already :p

  3. WTF?
  4. What was his name?
  5. Did a large ship "dock" in your Port?


  6. Div_Arb


  7. Fun times in West Village & Chelsea? You must have been the catcher.
  8. Its not like that Port followers. There is an east village and a west village. There are only a few streets that are gayish and I dont crawl down those...
  9. city was hoping this weekend. giant platinum bull still holding court infront of cipranis, chicks (?) dancing on fire hydrant on west broadway, union square packed, cops chasing fugitives on foot---bars restaurants packed----- all is good

  10. Only a few?

    Looks like you been getting taken for a ride for a while. But it's ok, keep deluding yourself that the funny feeling in your bunghole is from the fast food mexican food.
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