More rally today? or selloff?

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Will the market surge today?

  1. Surge

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  2. Selloff

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  3. Flat

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  1. Market surge 3% EOD? possible. Poll. This recession may be 12 months old but it is very shallow. The GDP only fell 3/10 in the last report. Unemployment is only 6.7% which is only .7% higher than the upper end of its historic trading range. Nothing fundamentally changed regarding the US economy between now and June 2007. Nothing at all. This recession issn't even as deep as the 1990 one. Bad news priced in.
  2. Bounced off lows. Volume picking up on DJIA. Very good sign. Go long.
    Geitner gains on November 21st locked and loaded. Dow still 1000 points higher than yearly lows. Free market capitalism bast path to prosperity. Obama wont let US economy fail.

  3. The vix is diverging from the spx. Therefore, there will be a rally soon as call writers are forced to buy them back.
  4. looks like the eberts, eggists and eggberts are selling again. bfft was hoping we end green today. Retail data is expected to be bad, but its priced in. None of this is new news.
  5. S&P500 crossed its previous low

    Next leg down starting?
  6. Hope everyone got in on ET's best contrarian.
  7. stock_trad3r contrarian signal lookin' great today!
  8. spolke too soon. PPT rally is underway. Gee, I hate these guys.
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