More racism in college admissions process

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  1. If I could point to one article in the media that illustrates why Youth for Western Civilization exists, this article in The New York Times about multiracial students and affirmative action on college campuses would probably be it.

    Just read this article and you will understand why our organization is considered such a threat to the status quo. It manages to hit upon every single one of our trademark themes: liberal control of college campuses, political correctness, immigration, multiculturalism, affirmative action, and the mindless pursuit of diversity above excellence.

    To summarize: there is a racial pecking order of political correctness on college campuses in America today. Far from being a relic of our "racist" past, skin color determines who gets into elite colleges and who gets rejection letters in the mail. It determines to liberal admission officers whether you have a "better story" to tell or simply a bland one.

    After reading this article, you will have a good mental image of how this process works in real life, and maybe how it affected you or someone you know who went to college:

    "At that stage, a core group of five to seven bleary-eyed admissions officers will convene for debate around a rectangular laminate table strewn with coffee cups and half-eaten doughnuts as the applications of those students still under consideration are projected onto a 60-inch plasma TV screen."

    “From an academic standpoint, the qualifying records, the test scores, how many AP courses, they may all look alike,” said Chris Muñoz, vice president for enrollment at Rice since 2006. “That’s when we might go and say, ‘This kid has a Spanish surname. Let’s see what he wrote about.’ Right or wrong, it can make a difference.”

    These admission officers sit around that laminated table at Rice University and play a racial card game of political correctness.

    If your applicant happens to be White or Asian, you have yourself a losing hand. Black and Hispanic are higher suits. White is the lowest suit and African-American is the highest. Gay is more valuable than straight. Illegal alien is better than native.

    This is where multiracials enter the picture and utterly confound liberal admission officers.

    Does an Afro-Chinese student beat an Irish-Native American applicant? Does a Afro-Hispanic student have a more unique perspective than a Euro-Hispanic applicant? Does any racial hand beat an Afro-Hispanic lesbian who could possibly benefit from the DREAM Act?

    Because liberal admission officers use these absurd racial criteria to judge young people on the basis of race, White and Asian students often deliberately falsify their college admission forms out of fear of rejection. They are treated as being less worthy to attend a college on the basis of their race.

    Is that fair? We don't think so.

    If we had it our way, this racial caste system on college campuses would be abolished. The Left would howl in protest.
  2. Does any racial hand beat an Afro-Hispanic lesbian who could possibly benefit from the DREAM Act?


    A one armed albino lesbian octpus.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

    "Never judge a book by its cover" except in college admissions.
  3. I hear the University of California system is getting taken over by asians. Berkeley had to turn away a huge number of qualified asian students to make room for the white students.

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  5. No, they are cleaning out whites and asian. Asians don't get "affirmative action", because the left didn't deem them a "victim group" by the PC orthodoxy. Can you imagine why? All they are doing is making the school's quality suffer, they aren't "making everyone equal".

  6. This is not new. Berkeley was like that in the 1980s when I went to school there. My science and math classes were all at least 50% Asian (California is about 10% Asian). I never had a problem with it because they were smart and worked their asses off. Seemed fair to me. But there were a lot of people complaining about it way back then.

  7. The UC system will limit Asian enrollement:

    "A new admissions policy set to take effect at the University of California system in three years is raising fears among Asian-Americans that it will reduce their numbers on campus, where they account for a remarkable 40 percent of all undergraduates."

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, when I attended Berkeley and UCLA in the 1980s, the Asian students were at least 50% (probably more) of the students in all my math and science classes.

    Limiting Asian enrollment based upon race is about as racist as you can get.
  8. Limiting white enrollment based on race is also racist. Whites are by far the largest victims of these racial discrimination policies nation wide. Now they appear to also be affecting asian students. It's odd, isn't it? Racial discrimination in the name of anti racism?

    What's more odd, is that if you think that the admission should go to the student with the best grades or scores, and the job to go to the person who's most qualified regardless of race, then YOU are the racist. It's only if you think that it's okay to discriminate against white people (and now also asian) on the basis of race, that you are considered not to be a racist.

  9. Well this is definitely not the discussion that artful dodger wanted.He wanted the thread to be about blacks discriminating against whites to cause anger and hate against blacks
  10. Perhaps, but this makes his case nonetheless. College admissions are now driven by racial politics rather than academic achievement.

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