More racial violence, from across the pond.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Savant, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Why does there seem to be so few videos of that to be found?
    Minority on English attack videos seem to be pretty easy to find.

  3. I have never looked for videos of violent attacks but since I actually live here I can testify that whites do attack minorities and have done for many a long year. I have seen black on black, catholic on protestant and all the various Asian groups fight it out but as a white male that gets about I have never ever felt ill at ease in any black area of London.
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    I HAVE! In muslim/pakistani areas at least, I haven't been to any black area, per se, in London. Of course, if you live somewhere like, say, Kensington then you tend to be insulated from it, by and large.

  5. My brother had a place in Newham for a while which is about 32% white and it was OK and other than a few Nigerians with attitude I can't say I felt any racial tension.