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  1. Several hours after the U.S. raids on Baghdad, a Kuwaiti defence ministry spokesman said an Iraqi Scud and two smaller missiles struck northern Kuwait.

    Sahaf denied Iraq had any Scuds, which are banned under 1991 Gulf War ceasefire terms that also ordered Baghdad to scrap its chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programmes.
  2. Iraq launches 6 more ballistic missiles towards Kuwait in the past half an hour. Missiles it said it doesn't have !

  3. You and MAX are total FOOLS!!!! FRANCE, GERMANY AND MSFE say they don't have these sure those were just some balsa wood branches with bottle rockets duct taped to them!!:D
  4. LOL, yeah they were just bottle rockets, he he.
  5. ...those were Al-Samud missles that were fired, not scuds. they had in fact been destroying those Al-Samuds as recently as last week.

    of course, it doesn't really matter what I'll stay in denial that you, bush, or any other repubs are wrong at'll blindly follow no matter what, and for that, i truly feel sorry for you.

    you'd say the sky was purple if bush told you so...
  6. Iraqi lies are slowly being revealed... I am starting to strongly support this war, having reflected on the revelations... but I still would more strongly support a bombing of the Saudi and Pakistani scum than a bombing of the Iraqi scum...

    Just my 2 cents...

  7. Listen ......use SIMPLE logic and even a pinko but rider like you can fugue it out.

    1) They were not SUPPOSED to have the "Al Samud" missiles....If it wasn't for BUSH we wouldn't know they were there...

    2) they were supposed to DECLARE those missiles but they didn't...they were found in yet another game of hide and seek

    3) THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DESTROYED!!!!...They were doing 1 or 2 every week!!! instead of destroying all of them

    How ar eyou going to feel when they find the anthrax???
  8. If the Iraqi bastids use anthrax on us, we should nuke Baghdad...
  9. Nonsense. Turn off your TV set and buy some decent newspaper. :D
  10. LMAO

    lotsa love baby,
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