More proof, you idiots that think markets are not routinely rigged

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  1. Throw up a chart on that. I don't see what you're talking about?
  2. In the back room there are a few guys smoking big cigars who control the market. When they trap a short they put that cigar down for a second and yell out"Hit the buy switch". Sometimes good is bad and bad is good(news). Do your trading but be careful so you are not noticed. Here is one to the OP, what is not rigged? From the grocery store to housing to our law/construction/cable/Sat/phone/Electric/Gas/Oil and so on. Scam? It's the way the world works. You can't beat them join them and remember life is a game of poker and the hand you are dealt it's up to the person to play his cards right.
  3. That's right. It's all a scam.

    But some don't get it.
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    Most of you guys didn't read the article because you probably didn't get past the preview. This is not the same sour grapes manipulative market post. It's about hedge funds taking advantage of a little known rule, the transition to all electronic trading/elimination of floor trading. Effectively a raid on the market by pirates to plunder money from the farmer in the dell.

    thanks for posting.
  5. it would be nice if you posted the entire article for viewers to make opinions.
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  7. Haven't you guys heard of peak cotton.
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    "Agricultural lenders had provided merchants with large amounts of credit. With cotton now spiking, they were leery -- so unsure of cotton's value that they wouldn't accept additional physical bales as collateral."

    That doesn't make sense. If you've got physical bales, then you're good for delivery on your shorts at any price. Why woudn't lenders lend on a sure thing?
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    Is the ICE Shark similar to the Black Swan? :D


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