More proof the world is insane

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  1. They guaranteed the salaries of the same asswipes that buried the company.

    They should have fired the pack of them and started fresh.

    Who do you think made all the bad decisions, the cleaning lady?

    Nomura may post a loss of as much as $2 billion in the year ending March 31 as it digests the purchase of bankrupt Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.'s Asian, European and Middle East units, according to five analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. That would be the biggest deficit since Tokyo-based Nomura transformed itself into a holding company and listed shares in New York in 2001.

    When Watanabe delivers second-quarter earnings tomorrow, analysts said they'll be watching for details about the cost of integrating 8,500 Lehman employees. While Watanabe guaranteed salaries and bonuses to keep workers from joining competitors, he hasn't said how much combining the organizations will cost.

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